On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, [iso-8859-1] Rubén wrote:
>       For another hand, I've seen that if I attach a ggivisual to a
> GTK x-window, the output of ggi goes to this window correctly, but no events
> are caught, neither expose-event nor keyboard hits are received. Is this a
> limitation of GGI or could be arranged by changing GTK flags of the window?

I don't really know how this is intended to work on x targets, but essentially 
the LibGGI API that pertains to inputs is just shim functions around the LibGII 
input object stored in the LibGGI visual.  So in addition to the ggiOpen call 
you should perhaps call giiOpen to open an input object into that window, 
maybe, or set the GII_INPUT.  Or maybe calling ggiOpen on just vanilla 
display-x and using the input events from that visual would be OK.

Hmmm.... looking at (what may be an old version of) inputs.txt I do not 
see the equivalent of -inwin for LibGII; perhaps this is not yet implemented
(and should be.)

This is worth taking to the list for comments.


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