Sorry for the late reply.

I was looking at the C&T a few days ago, since I wanted to get a non-Matrox
point of view on graphics cards, since I've basically only ever worked with
one matrox board or another.

Unfortunatley, the C&T code in the kgicon tree is far from complete,
basically it includes the clock and ramdac drivers, and very little chipset
code. I've been poking at the code for kgi0.9, but have no timefram or even
plans on ever completing the project, sinnce the Matrox driver is still what
I do most, and I have no C&T hardware myself anyway.


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> > I have one question. I need to access to C&T65555. This chip is wide
> spread
> > in industrial
> > boards like advantech and others. The primary reason is the possibility of
> > using lcd panels. The problem is that it not support VESA 2.0 or later. Do
> > you have any idea about?
> Look at kgicon. We have at least some source in kgicon/kgi/chipset/Chips for
> the 655xx series. Don't know how functional it is, though.
> CU, ANdy
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