Looking over the code. It doesn't depend to heavily on open firmware like
other PowerPC drivers. Thats a go things. If you look at S3Triofb.c you
see it grabs all mode data from the prom instead of setting the mode
itself. I'm interested in seeing the patch :)

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On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Christian Groessler wrote:

> On 01/05/2000 02:37:24 PM GMT James A Simmons wrote:
> >
> >It only works for PowerPCs :(
> But it should not much to be changed to make it work on PCs.
> I once (linux 2.1.131) tried it and already had it loading (it was more or
> less
> only a change in to PCI/configuration code).  But the
> display was messed up, looked like wrong bpp or
> something like that. I wanted to check the configured register
> values to fix it, but never found time and motivation...
> If someone's interested, I still have the tar ball around
> (don't know if its much worth in 2.3.xx)
> regards,
> chris

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