Okay, I've found a problem with libGII...

It's adding delays to that quicktime-player (and soon mpeg too! :) that
I'm playing with...  Resulting in blank spots in the audio and the
occasional dropped video frame.

Any ideas for how to solve this one?   The thing's multithreaded enough...
I suppose I could add an I/O thread but I'm not sure how generic it should
be made.

Can GII eventstacks be made to communicate cross-thread?  (without
crashing or locking up that is... :)

Is it worth it?

And how are other people handling this problem?  I suspect it has to do
with the joystick-handler now that I have a USB Joystick plugged in.
(linux-2.3.39 has -great- USB code :)

I can disable the event-checking but it takes all the fun out of it
*pout*.  And it's FUN to listen to REM's "Shiny Happy People" backwards!
(the original ggiplay could play videos backwards.  So when I added sound
I made it so sound could be played backwards too :)
that and rendering on fbdev means without events I have to hit SAK to
quit.  Boring!

Just curious...

G'day, eh? :)
        - Teunis

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