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> Where can I find out about key events and the meaning of
> their parameters ? 

Oops - if I didn't miss it, this one is missing from the docs.
Could someone add an explanation somewhere ?

> What is the meaning of 'sym' 'label' and 'button' and where is the 
> mapping between them defined ?

The button is just an arbitrary number that should be unique for each
physical key. There is no deeper meaning in it.

The label should be the unicode value of the label printed on the key.
It is meant as kind of a "portable scancode". That is: If the doc says
the function bla is mapped to key "y", it is, even if you have a german
keyboard, where y and z are swapped.

The symbol is the unicode value of the symbol the key is supposed to produce
under the current locale and the modifiers in effect.

Regarding unicode values: We used some values of the User defined unicode
ranges to represent "metasymbols" like cursor movement and function keys.

> I'd like to write the key event handling code for berlin so 
> I wonder how 'i18n' compliant ggi events are.

Basically the ggi events should already have done the work for you. The idea
is, that you always directly get correct unicode symbols.

However there will probably be a problem with eastern languages that utilize
popupmenus to select a symbol from several that have the same keyboard

> Since we are unicode
> based right from the ground up, I'm wondering whether it would
> be possible at least for the keys provided directly (i.e. not
> needing modifiers or other compositions) to use unicode.

*grin* O.K. - you ordered it, we already have it :-)
We are quick to respond - aren't we ? 

> How can I switch between languages from a running program (i.e.
> display server) ?

This is a question of the underlying IO subsystem. On the GGI side itself,
you should just get unicode symbols and be happy. 

The underlying system is usually configured by the usual tools like loadkeys
or xmodmap.

CU, ANdy

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