Andreas Beck wrote:

> The symbol is the unicode value of the symbol the key is supposed to produce
> under the current locale and the modifiers in effect.

cool. so what modifiers can (possibly) exist ?

> Regarding unicode values: We used some values of the User defined unicode
> ranges to represent "metasymbols" like cursor movement and function keys.

Sorry, I'm no unicode expert. Is there really a unicode value semantically
equivalent to 'move the focus forward' ?

> > I'd like to write the key event handling code for berlin so
> > I wonder how 'i18n' compliant ggi events are.
> Basically the ggi events should already have done the work for you. The idea
> is, that you always directly get correct unicode symbols.

Good. I introduced my own event definition though because in general I want
to abstract from 'real' devices so it doesn't hurt if a given setup has no
keyboard or mouse at all. Basically, I use a range of attributes/types which
my events are composed of. Each such entry 'knows' what logical device it
comes from. This way, I can program the controllers in a way which is not only
completely device independant but also highly configurable. You can map whatever
events to whatever state changes/commands to be triggered. You can especially
say that you want to combine mouse positional/button events with the keyboard
modifiers into one event type. Then the EventManager will simply generate events
of the appropriate size/structure so you can instruct the Controllers to do
whatever you want. All this at runtime...

> However there will probably be a problem with eastern languages that utilize
> popupmenus to select a symbol from several that have the same keyboard
> representation.

oh, that sounds ugly. So is the keyboard symbol interpreted as a glyph and the
user must then choose one of the unicodes corresponding to it ? I mean, if I write
a text, I'm more concerned about the content than about the form, so I would 
want my keys to correspond to characters rather than glyphs. Anyway, we'll see
how far we can get with this info.

> > Since we are unicode
> > based right from the ground up, I'm wondering whether it would
> > be possible at least for the keys provided directly (i.e. not
> > needing modifiers or other compositions) to use unicode.
> *grin* O.K. - you ordered it, we already have it :-)
> We are quick to respond - aren't we ?

I'm deeply impressed ;)

> > How can I switch between languages from a running program (i.e.
> > display server) ?
> This is a question of the underlying IO subsystem. On the GGI side itself,
> you should just get unicode symbols and be happy.
> The underlying system is usually configured by the usual tools like loadkeys
> or xmodmap.

yeah. (xmodmap certainly not :)

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