On 5 Feb 2000, Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Christoph Egger) writes:
> > Is anyone here already hacking the file-target?
> > 
> > If not, I want to hack it to add support reading some file-formats
> This is a completely broken idea. Having a target reading images
> like this makes about as much sense as having LibGII inputlibs
> read images, and it does not do anything good for anybody.

I think, libggi couldn't be compared with libgii, because of the different
goals, which they are designed for - even libggi uses libgii.

> If you want to load images into a LibGGI visual, write a library
> that loads them into a memory visual.

What do _you_ think what is the idea behind of the file-target?

Christoph Egger

P.S.: I will send you the latest patch personally to you. So you can
rethink your opinion. Maybe that not all of the currently done work is not

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