> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Christoph Egger) writes:
> > > If you want to load images into a LibGGI visual, write a library
> > > that loads them into a memory visual.
> > 
> > What do _you_ think what is the idea behind of the file-target?
> The purpose of the file-target is to transparently render a LibGGI
> application's output to a file. Making it _read_ files does not
> gain you anything over any other approach, and is plain wrong.
> Especially considering that you can't do anything with a visual
> until you have set a mode, and ggiSetMode() clears the visual...
> //Marcus

I am glad you said that, when I started making libggiImg a while back, A few
people on the list suggested I use the file target, but as I understand it
"target" is the key word. I ended up making a library that loads an image
using lib<image-format> and then if necessary uses hermes to convert the pixel
data to the target visual. In most cases the read buffers in the libraries
were compatible with the directbuffer and so I could directly read the data
from the libraries functions into the target visual, and at most one in
between step would convert the pixel format.

I am sorry to have not yet made libggiImg available, I have been too busy with
work, and research :(
I also have a mostly working libggittf which renders true type fonts, and uses
libdb for caching of glyphs, it uses freetype as its backend.

 -Adam Scislowicz([EMAIL PROTECTED])
P.S: we need something like console-utils for KGI/GII/GGI...

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