I am currently working on a SmartFusion2 project, and did some search on
the web. I found several pages describing how to write bare-metal
applications for ARM Cortex-M3 using qemu. I even found a project with
efforts to make a virtual development environment for PCIe on github.

I'm the VHDL developer in our team, and I am not really good at deciding
the level of effort needed to combine qemu and ghdl to make a more generic
virtual development platform for software developers. If it would be easy,
I guess somebody would have done this by now.

Isn't ghdl creating gcc code for the simulation, and could this generated
c-code be linked into a qemu binary to have a simulation level of the

I hope to provide testvectors to the VHDL hardware level which represent
corner cases difficult to reproduce in the lab and to give the software
developers a reliable development platform.

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