lots of answers I haven't got around to read properly, but I notice that my
objectives were not clear.

It all starts with the simple fact that we use SmartFusion2 in a design. We
have prototypes ready and I have written a lot of VHDL for this board and a
bare-metal Cortex-M3 application to test that all the attached components
on the board are connected and working as expected. The final CM3
application will be written by a colleague with less knowledge on hardware,
but more on software

During this bring-up phase, I use Libero SoC, SoftConsole and FlashPro on
win7, because FlashPro only supports windows. It is the wish of my software
colleagues to go to Makefile, git and Linux in order to make a proper team
development environment. I am also preferring Linux, but due to FlashPro
and an awkward Wind/U Motif compatibility level, I made my life easy and
use win7 and the MicroSemi toolchain.

Because of the request for Makefile and Linux, I googled for a while on
Cortex-M3 and Linux, and got a very good feeling that sw development on a
plain Cortex-M3 can be done very well with qemu-arm and the cross compile
toolchain for M3 on a Linux platform. Since I knew ghdl from before, I got
the great idea that it would be a great virtual prototyping platform if
ghdl and qemu could be combined in some way to make sw developers
independent of real hardware. Timing issues may kill this idea, but at
least we have tried.

I hope to trigger a sw savvy colleague to assist me when he faces the fact
that the only option to test his code is to use windows.

Kind regards,
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