On Sat, 2013-12-07 at 15:02 +0100, Svenn Are Bjerkem wrote:
> Hi,
> During this bring-up phase, I use Libero SoC, SoftConsole and FlashPro
> on win7, because FlashPro only supports windows. 

And that's the real problem : FlashPro only supports Windows.

Just about everything else in the toolchain will support Linux; even
their development toolchain is nothing more than Eclipse and gcc...
(The gdb "sprite" to connect through FlashPro is probably also
proprietary; I can't tell, since they wouldn't openly admit the compiler

At which point it's worth asking if a different JTAG controller
(supporting Linux) would work for software download and debug, reserving
the FlashPro for bitfile updates. If so, it'll be a much easier
solution. I haven't tried.

You can certainly develop, make and revision control on a Linux machine
and relegate the Windows machine to Eclipse/gdb sessions, but it's a bit
awkward. I didn't get further than that.

- Brian

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