Le 2013-12-07 15:35, Torsten Meißner a écrit :
You can use Microsemis "DirectC" tool to build some kind of Flashpro
Programmer for Linux. It is provided als C-Code
and is easily portable, so you get is easy ported on a Cortex-M for
example. We have such an effort running on
the F4-Discovery Board from ST. The programming file is loaded per
UAB-UART and flashed into the ProAsic with
the DirectC running in the Cortex MCU.

Direct-C was used on ACTEL FPGA boards made by ACME Systems (Italy)
and I would like to make it available on the Raspberry Pi system.

however Direct-C is not able to do debugging,
it is limited to flashing parts. No access to the
debugging access ports...

Still, flashing Actel under Linux would be a big progress.


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