On 30 May 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Federico Mena Quintero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes: 
> > However, there is the issue of licensing.  Gdk-pixbuf is released
> > under the LGPL, and the XCF loader uses big chunks of GPLed code from
> > the GIMP.  I am not sure what is the best way to proceed.
> > 
> Well, there are not many options.
>  a) You find all the authors of that GPL code and get the license
>    changed (avoiding this mess is the advantage of copyright
>    assignment...)
>  b) You don't include the code in gdk-pixbuf
>  c) You do a clean-room reimplementation of the code

I think c) is the best solution. It's surely quite hard to find _all_ 
contributors to the code. And b) isn't a good solution if you imagine what
cool applications could be done with a xcf-loader module (e.g. nice image
cataloging tools).

Also there are a lot of modifications to the original gimp code in the
xcf-loader yet. So a clean rewrite is probably the best solution for


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