> RMS claims that this is not allowed without GPL'ing all of
> gdk-pixbuf. Otherwise you could just dlopen() any GPL app from your
> proprietary app.

Not really.

It means that the end user application would have to be a GPL
application.  There is nothing bad with having a LGPL module and a GPL

This is an issue that will come up in other situation: dynamic modules
that are licensed under incompatible libraries.  

I remember of the top of my head that we wanted gnome-vfs to have some
sort of license checking, so applications could say:

        gnome_vfs_this_app_is_gpl ();

And would enable loading GPL modules.  For example, for kernel adapted
file systems that are ported to the GNOME VFS.

Same can be done here, we can have a call: gdk_pixbuf_this_app_is_gpl,
and it would turn on the XCF support.


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