Havoc Pennington <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Martin Baulig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes: 
> >   d) Keep the XCF loaded GPL
> > 
> > if I understand that correctly, the loaders are shared libraries which
> > dnyamically loaded so they can theoretically have different licenses
> > or do I miss something ?
> > 
> RMS claims that this is not allowed without GPL'ing all of
> gdk-pixbuf. Otherwise you could just dlopen() any GPL app from your
> proprietary app.

Well, then I think you misunderstood me.

What I suggested was added XCF as a nice add-on to gdk-pixbuf for
the situation where gdk-pixbuf is used under the GPL.

Of cause, this means that you can't use XCF loading in a proprietary
app where you use gdk-pixbuf under the LGPL.

Martin Baulig

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