13 мая 2016 г. 1:22 пользователь "Simone Karin Lehmann" <sim...@lisanet.de>

> Is this how you think about all the people who use GIMP? That almost none
of them understands color management?

There are probably a few dozens of people in the world who really do
understand CM. It's one of those things where the more you know, the more
you don't know.

> May I remind you of your product vision? ->
> "GIMP is a platform for programming cutting-edge image processing
algorithms, by scientists and artists"
> Do you really think, that these targeted audience, your targerted
audience, doesn’t know what color management is all a bout?

That's the reality.

> So, this is how you think about your target users? They are clueless?
Your target users - professional artists and photographers - switch off
color management, because it’s confusing them?

People who are professionals still do crazy things like tagging a photo
with an ICC profile of a display. And yes, I know quite a handful of those
who found CM to be too complicated, switched CM off and "calibrated" their
output to work well with just one print shop.

> So, may it be, that this - „all graphics artist you know … switch off
color management - is the real cause why GIMP doesn’t have a working color
management in 2016? You don’t know anybody who uses it and so you don’t see
any need to implement it?

Please calm down.

> > The sane choice way to let users disable it, rather than
> > forcing it upon them
> Well, this may be the sane choice for _you_ but, please, don’t tell
others - your target audience: professional photographers, artists and
scientists -  what their sane choice has to be.

You are pretty much saying that it is wrong to force freedom of choice upon
people. This doesn't make any sense.

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