Raphael Quinet said...

|This would be nice to have, but I think that it would be too
|ambitious.  What I had in mind is something simpler.  Basically,
|hiding the menus that are seldom used by unexperienced users.  The
|toolbox could also be made simpler, but this is not really necessary.

If you mean something like Windows 2000, that would be OK.
My only concern is that these not morph like W2K menus based
on the selections du jour.  You get a set to start with, with
little arrows to indicate more.  Clicking on the arrows would
expand the menus and, perhaps, open a popup explaining that
they can set expanded menu mode in the preferences.

Is this like what you were thinking?

|I do not think that the keyboard shortcuts should be changed because a

Absolutely.  If this were to happen, I would vote to take whoever
implemented changing the way the shortscuts worked, and checking
*them* into CVS!

|What would we gain from that?  Except for the coolness factor, not
|much...  It would even become more difficult for the users to follow a
|Gimp tutorial because they would have a hard time finding where each
|feature is located if they use a different theme than the one that was
|used for the tutorial.



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