On 22 May 2001 02:09:00 +0200, Branko Collin wrote:
> On 21 May 2001, at 17:47, Raphael Quinet wrote:
> > So in parallel with the discussion about the distribution of plug-ins,
> > there should be a discussion about how to organize the menus.  One
> > idea that was proposed on this list some time ago was to be able to
> > limit the number of things that are included in the menus.  Some M$
> > applications offer reduced menus for beginners, 
> What the menus in MS Word do is show the most important items plus 
> those items you use the most. 

There is one big problem with this: tutorials. People are already having
big problems following the tutorials that are written for
gimp-before-the-menu-reorganization, now I think it could be just
horribly hard if the tutorial says "Select Image -> Colors -> Filter
Pack" and if that was considered "Advanced" while our user chose
"Beginner" when starting Gimp for the first time. So it would not be in
the menus at all.


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