Tuomas Kuosmanen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> And these menus are the most annoying things ever to use. Since it makes
> using them really slow, because every time when the menu is "adjusted"
> and new things get hidden or shown, the positions of the menu items
> change, and thus "Gaussian blur is not the second item from the top on
> the second submenu" anymore. So you actually need to read the menu texts
> every time very carefully, which makes things very icky to use.

While I see your point - we have a big problem with our menus - especially
for new users. They are huge and despite our efforts not really intuitive.
(why are there two gaussian blur plugins?)

I am an experienced Gimp user, but sometimes I am just lost in the

I am not sure if a MS-Word scheme would help there, but we need a way
to sort menu-entries by importance.

Hmm - maybe Shift-Rightclick brings up the complete menu or vice versa?

Oh well - this will be hard.

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