Simon Budig wrote:
> Because the benefit from commenting a (well written) tutorial is probably
> not worth the additional effort to implement the commenting functionality -
> aside from discussions about the right system (Squishdot, Slashcode etc.pp.).
> It is hard enough to agree on a system for the actual content.
> Feedback to the author of the tutorial is a better idea (because he
> can fix the tutorial) and is way easier to implement.
> Bye,
>         Simon
I agree with Simon, comments on tutorials help only with tutorial
writing.  This should be done before the tutorial is put in place.

I hate when I have to wait for a lot of crap to load when I need help
NOW(!) because someone thought it important for me to know he liked the
tutorial.  I prefer to assume that the people who are running the site
already knew that it was a good tutorial and that is why it can be found

Maybe there should be a separate gimp site for the windows users. The
windows users are so different than the linux users.  They don't mind
being registered to use software.  Lots of them like games and so flash
and current web page technology can and probably must be used. I would
personally find it very interesting to see just how many Windows users
are using the Gimp!  And where and how they are using it.  I don't know
that much about what all of this fancy web stuff is doing, but I get
queasy when i see too much incomprehensible crap in my location bar, I
figure that they were selling anything they knew about me so that they
could afford their web designer.  But I don't understand this new web
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