On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 03:14:51PM -0400, Tom Rathborne wrote:
> I have placeholder pages for most of the site at:
>     http://wilber.gimp.org:8192/
> At the moment I am working on copying the existing content over to the
> new site.

> There are a few reasons that this hasn't happened, though. All of the
> people that I have talked to about doing the site have different
> opinions on what language/architecture/design should be used to do it,
> making it very difficult to cooperate on the project.  It seems to me
> that there is nobody driving this as a _project_. I am most certainly
> not a project manager. I am an ok content writer and web designer and
> (IMHO) a fairly capable information system architect.
> My site template system is pretty simple for content writers and
> designers to work with, and the code is pretty clean and fast, and it
> is running on wilber already. Another interesting point is that the
> titles are generated using the GIMP and cached as static files. So
> there's an interesting use of the GIMP involved. You can read a bit
> more at:
>   http://wilber.gimp.org:8192/about/site.html
> Those of you with accounts on wilber are more than welcome to look
> at everything in:
>   /gimp00/web-newgimp
> I don't really care if it's my mod_perl system or PHP4 or some other
> random thing that ends up being the new GIMP site, but I do agree that
> it should be done.

What do you think of using Fabric (http://www.eventloop.com/fabric/).
This is what www.gtk.org will be using.  I prefer it because I wrote it
to solve some very specific problems I believe exist with most other 
templating systems.  And, using Fabric, we could do a multi-lingual
dynamic site.  (It was one of the design criteria of Fabric.) 

The new gtk.org is available in GNOME CVS as 'web-gtkorg'.  This isn't
used yet, as I just started on the new dynamic sections.  Everything 
under templates/static are static pages.  Adding new ones is easy, and
requires no code.  Dynamic Java modules can load templates and construct
the pages as desired; currently, I use this on the download page to 
contain links to the most up-to-date glib/gtk src files that it finds
on the ftp site (dynamically, since it's on the same machine).

> Unfortunately I do not know if there is anyone out there who can speak
> authoritatively on all this.  If someone steps up and says "we're
> using this system, you work on the code, you work on the content", I'm
> sure it will be done very soon.  We need someone to take charge -- and
> that's not me.

I can speak authoritatively.

But I hesitate to dicate anything.  My policy, ever since we put up the 
first pages, has been that he who does the work will have the say.  I 
already know how it would be if I did most of the work.


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