Hello Developers,
I am impressed by Gimp 1.2 (I am stuck with Windows for a while) and
just need a couple of things so I can replace a collection of Windows
tools with Gimp. Is this the right place to request changes?

I found how to change the comment in a JPEG when I "save as", and how to
change the default for the "save as", but I could not find how to view
the comment in an input file or edit the comment prior to performing a
normal save.

I found how to change the compression level in a JPEG when I "save as"
but could not find out how to view or change the compression level prior
to a normal save. I think, from what I see of the JPEG format, the
compression level is not stored anywhere but it could be indicated by
displaying something like the colour range (I do not remember the JPEG
term, it is the part that indicates the 24,000,000 colours are squashed
down to an actual range of n colours.

I also could not find out how to change the default JPEG quality setting
from .75 to 1 and only discovered the setting when I found a few files
were damaged after minor adjustments.

Which leads to the next thing. If I start with a JPEG that has zero
compression then edit the file then save as a jpeg with 25% compression,
I see the change image from editing but not after compression. Is it
possible to view the file as saved to disk, without having to close the
file then open the saved file?

You may have already solved these problems in documentation or
development but I could not find answers in the FAQs, or several
tutorials or the manual or in the archives of the recent dev mailing
list. Perhaps I was looking under the wrong terminology. There did not
seem to be a wish list either.

I am looking forward to replacing some more proprietary software with
open source and Gimp is 98% of what I need for image editing.

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