On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 07:19:49AM +1000, Peter wrote:
>The aim of viewing the image "as saved", is to tune the image for the
>web. I was adjusting an image, and saving the adjusted image as I went,
>and could see my adjustments in the image window. Because the image
>window did not show pixelation errors from compression, I assumed the
>damage from compression was zero or so slight as to not impact on
>visible quality. When I reviewed the images before uploading, I found
>they were unusable because of compression. What I would like to do is
>turn up the compression, a bit like the volume control on the radio, and
>watch the image degrade. When the image becomes noticeably bad, then
>turn it back a notch (undo) then save.

Uuuhm... This has been a feature of GIMP since quite early 1.1.x series.
Just do a "Save As" with a JPEG extension, and as you've pointed out,
decrease/increase the quality slider until you find something you're
content with (of course, make sure you're not viewing the image
zoomed-out, and make sure "JPEG previewing" is enabled). Then, just
click the OK button, and the image is saved exactly with the same
settings you just saw. (It also warps back to normal again after the
save so you don't lose any quality from saving -- no `undo' is needed.)

BTW, how can you claim you saw the adjustments in the image window, but
not the errors?

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