> It appears to be the right spot to store a copyright notice and the alt=
> information, especially for the blind.

I'm not exactly sure why you would want the alt= info in the file...
Does your HTML editor automatically extract it?
> In the save as, there is a DCT method that says it is a trade off
> between speed and quality. On an 800 MHz AMD chip, speed does not seem
> to be a problem so which of the three settings gives the best quality?

To the naked eye there's not much difference, at least to my eyes. In
theory floating point should be best, as you get the least precision
loss in the internal calculations. If you want to save jpg's in as good
a quality as possible set the q factor to 1, DCT to floating point and
subsampling to 1x1. I think subsampling has a bigger influence on image
quality than the DCT method.

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