On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 10:51:32PM +1000, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> just need a couple of things so I can replace a collection of Windows
> tools with Gimp. Is this the right place to request changes?

Yes. Please note that me picking out a specific point does not mean your
other requests won't be answered by somebody ;)

> I found how to change the compression level in a JPEG when I "save as"
> but could not find out how to view or change the compression level prior

How would you get the compression level? Before you save it there is no
such thing as a "compression level". For png, it would be between 0 and 9
(on gimp), for jpeg it's 0..1 (in gimp) etc... for other formats there
is no compression level at all.

> displaying something like the colour range (I do not remember the JPEG
> term, it is the part that indicates the 24,000,000 colours are squashed
> down to an actual range of n colours.

that's not what happens with jpeg. you can't, in general find out the save
quality as this is a number not really defined in the jpeg "standard".

please also note that it's disagreeable wether saving the image with the
same compression level does have any sensible semantics at all.

> from .75 to 1 and only discovered the setting when I found a few files
> were damaged after minor adjustments.

a pity that this indeed cannot be changed (but also note that a level of 1
does not mean the image won't be "damaged").

> Which leads to the next thing. If I start with a JPEG that has zero
> compression

Such a thing doesn't exist. Do you mean compression level 1? That's not
the same as no compression.

> I see the change image from editing but not after compression. Is it
> possible to view the file as saved to disk, without having to close the
> file then open the saved file?

I think the jpeg save plug-in does indeed do previews, do you mean
something else?

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