Kelly Martin wrote:
> Think "plugin authors".  These people are going to want to start
> working on porting their plugins to 2.0 well in advance of 2.0's
> release but are not likely to want to cope with being GTK debuggers on
> top of being GIMP debuggers.
> Kelly

I may be misunderstanding, I'm not a project expert, but if the Gtk API
is frozen, the only difference between the CVS HEAD branch and the
latest developer release is bugfixes right? So then there should be
actually less bugs in the CVS HEAD. The only risk you are running is of
it not being compilable, well, as we saw today, that might happen with a
release as well ;).

In the end it's a matter of trusting the Gtk developers, or rather the
CVS maintainers. Do we trust them not to break things too often, and if
the compile is broken, fix it quickly.

I have no experience with the Gtk CVS, so I can't say anything about it.
Maybe we should ask them?

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