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>Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>NB I am not blind and I don't write code in Hebrew

>I respect your extraordinary tolerance regarding this, so please
>respect that the people actually working on a project tend to make
>the decisions.

Please respect the fact that people who used to work on a project may
once again choose work on it, and may have something of value to
contribute notwithstanding their current degree of participation.

On the issue of using GIMP to debug GTK: not all of the people who
might work on the GIMP have an infinite amount of time to dedicate to
this project.  If you have four hours a week to spend on GIMP
development and it takes you two of those hours to get your GTK up to
whatever revision is presently being used, you've just spent half your
time on what amounts to unproductive activity as far as GIMP is

I don't do GIMP development right now because I have to work for a
living and don't have 120 hours a week to spend on hacking code for
free.  And given the attitude just expressed, it would appear that
there are better uses for my limited spare time than working on the
GIMP.  Thanks for making this clear for me.

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