On Fri, Jul 27, 2001 at 09:54:41AM -0700, Seth Burgess wrote:
> As an occasional developer, I ran into a problem trying to get CVS pango
> working - errors on link with the qt libraries.  Anyone else expereienced
> these?  Not at my machine now, or I'd include the errors.   
> I didn't see any obvious switches in the configure.  I'm a bit annoyed
> that qt is keeping me from compiling gtk...

There is a configure switch: use the
--with-qt=no flag. There used to be a bug whereby the configure process
would detect that you had a version of libqt installed, but not check
that it was a recent enough version. I thought Owen (Taylor) had looked
at this, but maybe it's still there (I use the above flag, so I'm not
really noticing this change).


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