On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Simon Budig wrote:

> Please note, that these problems are already solved in the Gimps Paintcore.
> When you draw a line with the Paintbrush you will see that it is perfectly
> antialiased and the "accumulating color" problem is solved too (you can
> even disable this in the tool options).
> In fact it is this generality that creates the problems with the Pencil...

Yes, paintbrush lines work well. But with my approach, I suppose both
paintbrush and pencil lines would work well.

Or maybe as extraordinary exception for pencils use just Bresenham? It
will less general, but much neater. And implementing Bresenham is
extremely simple to do.

> > How do you all feel about it? Is it a good idea, or not? I think you will
> > be more able to implement it and insert in proper place in GIMP's source.
> > If would use a lot of time to analyze sources (in fact, I would have to
> > learn how to use GIMP sources and thouroughly study it) and find this
> > proper place, and although this I would however have doubts if this is
> > correct place and if it does not conflict with GIMP's internal
> > architecture, assumptions and whatever.
> These deep gimp internals are quite powerful and compicated. I have not
> yet a full clue what happens there, but it involves a lot of
> Subsampling, filling an area with color/patterns/brush data, mask the
> area with the brush mask and finally apply the result to the drawable,
> respecting the current selection and the current paint mode.
> And I guess that even this is simplified...  :-)

What is done when I click with pencil on image? Those complex actions are
performed, and a dot is a result. What's a problem with implementing my
tool_t function as just triggering all those actions on certain pixel?

> This certainly won't make it into the 1.2-versions of Gimp. However,
> I think we should attack the problem in CVS-HEAD. But please be aware, that
> there is *much* work to do until a first 1.3.0 release happens.


IMHO ugly pencil lines are a major drawback of GIMP...

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