Jay Cox wrote:

> Thanks for the report.  I'm shocked that it has taken this long for
> someone to complain about this.

I think there are more such "obvious" bugs that are revealed in special
Just think of the downscale bug I reported a very long time ago. I have
some (monochrome,huge) pictures that dont show anything if gimp scales
them down. Some of these pictures have only every 2,3,4,.. pixel set.
The simple gimp scale down algorithm is not suited for this. It has
never been fixed and I dont have a 3000x2000 pixel screen to work on
this pictures. I *have* to scale down and gimp is not really usable on
these kind of pictures. And if you then try to work through a slow
connection between your Xserver and the application server you find that
everything is slower than it should be (because gimp does not work
really on monochrome pictures? It seems it always throws color images to
the Xserver..). It seems xv is faster in this case, maybe it does a
smarter decision on how many colors it needs on the server.
Perhaps one day we even have these problems fixed..:)

PS: Because I am no member of this mailing list please write to my email
adress if you want to answer.Thanks, Keep on the good work!
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