On 14 Nov, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> Bugzilla is usually better at handling bugs than this mailing list:
> - Bugzilla is available to everybody, including those who do not read
>    this list.  I think that it was a mistake to send the 1.3.0
>    announcement to the gimp-user list (it should have been sent to
>    this list only) but this is too late now and we should encourage 
>    everybody to use Bugzilla as a central place for bug reports, 
>    instead of forcing them to subscribe to this list or to browse 
>    through the archives of this list.

Since this version is for developpers only it would be better to
communicate over the mailinglists. I see bugzilla more as a longterm
bugreporting mechanism.

> - You can also easily check the status of any bug report.  As soon as
>    you load the page for that bug, you can see if it has been fixed or
>    not.  If there is a lot of traffic on this list and you do not read
>    it every day, then you may have to read a lot of mails before you
>    know if a bug has already been fixed or not.

I hope you considered that it's quite tricky for us to follow bugs in
the stable versions since they're sometimes hard to reproduce. Now
imagine myriads of bugreports for the (per definition) buggy developer 
version. We'll also have to measure them somehow and handle them you
remember? :)

> I think that the best way to proceed now is to:
> - warn everybody (including on gimp-user and gimp-announce) that 1.3.0
>    is very unstable, is for developers only, and will be followed by
>    1.3.1 soon,
> - mention that 1.3.1 will not be announced on the users list, and
> - encourage everybody to check Bugzilla for the current status of the
>    1.3.x releases, and to report all bugs there.

I'm still not convinced about the bugtracker usage here and this is
also a matter of sven and mitch using it more actively than in the 
past because it's really hard to follow what's going on without having
the insight of the resp. developer. Thusly I think it would be wise to
give them a voice and respect their thoughts (though someone created the
1.3.0 version in bugzilla and this might have been Sven).


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