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> Okay, so I misjudged the state of development Gimp is in. I remember trying 
> to find out some time ago how hard it would be to contribute things to Gimp, 
> but I gave up pretty soon. 

could you explain how you tried to find out? I can't really imagine what
difficulties you had and it would be interesting to know.

> In another thread Rebecca Walter suggested 
> creating a TODO for developers that want to help. I'd like to suggest they 
> make a HOWTODO, because even if you want to help, you have this 15MB pile of 
> source in front of you and not much of an idea of where to start. Some time 
> ago I read the documentation that comes with GEGL, which is quite a lot of 
> code too with a weird pseudo-language as an added bonus, but it's much easier 
> to understand the structure of the code if you have a nice doc that explains 
> what's what.

the new code is self-explanatory ;-) No, fun aside, we plan to document the
internal API using gtk-doc at some point (when it settles a bit).

Salut, Sven
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