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> On Tue, Nov 27, 2001 at 05:51:14PM +0000, "Jens Ch. Restemeier" 
> > >    2. Associate sRGB or any other colourspace with the saved data in
> > >       tiff/eps.  It doesn't matter wether it's true or not, just give
> > >       programs something to depend on.
> >
> > Well, actually this would be true. sRGB is defined using the phosphors
> > standartised for HDTV and used for monitors.
> Ehrm. Each and every monitor phosphor is different. lighting is
> different. Contrast settings are different....

Okay, let's write this in other words: sRGB is based on ITU-R BT.709
primaries which are for example standartised for HDTV and should be
reasonably close to most computer monitors, too.
And if you don't adjust your monitor for your lighting conditions you
can't expect any colourmanagement to work.

My point is/was, if you tag your graphics as sRGB you are as right as
you can get without doing real colourmanagement (i.e. translating from
your screen into a specific coloursystem).

Reading material:

> > And as gimp does no colour management except for a gamma correction on
> > display we can ass assume that the image is in sRGB colourspace.
> We can't ;)

I know. 


P.S.: I CC'ed this back to the list.
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