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> Where I work it is a very critical process.

Any tips here? If gimp would support CMYK on-screen, how would the users work
be different? Do users actually adjust CMYK themselves or do they just draw
using predefined CMYK values?

I mean, is the principal problem the missing CMYK colours in RGB, or is
the principal problem the "looks the same on-screen as on print". The
latter could be solved largely outside the gimp (tiff plug-in), the former
obviously not.

> with less compulsive designers it is much less critical.  This feature
> would not get gimp into prepress houses, but might help out the casual
> designer who is preparing artwork for a short print run.

Would it be worth it? ;)

> The most common/best way to do trapping that I have seen is to trap
> after the rip using a program like creo/scitex full auto frame (which
> isn't quite as auto as the name implies:).

Obviously, as only then you have the full image. Hey, the new postscript
can do in-rip trapping ;-> (adobe claims yet another revolution ;)

> even if it doesn't have a setting I dont think we should modify the
> default behaviour of gimp to work around a bug in quark :)

well, it depends on wetehr you call this a bug or not. if quark lacks the
functionality (if!) to bind profiles to images it's not a bug ;)

> > 3. (optional, but important) finally enhance the paths to be multipart,
> >    contain holes etc. simon? siiiiiiiimoon? ;)
> How is #3 optional? :)

Well... it's the most difficult part. 1 and 2 could probably be done even in
gimp-1.2, #3 is a problem. Also, if you don't have clipping paths you still
can print many photos ;)

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