Daniel Egger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> If you use XML for texts like tips or dialogparts then attributes
> are being used for specifying the language the text is in.
> A tip might look like this:
> <tip lang="de">Niemals GIMP schließen</tip>
> <tip lang="en">Never close the GIMP</tip>
> DIA for instance uses something alike to implement modular extensions
> to the graph set.
> It's a lot more versatile then the header approach with my lovely
> friend gettext since the information is not spread over several
> files which need to be generated, compiled and installed. If we had
> more tips we could even categorize them.

I don't think we want all translations in one file. Not in CVS and not 
in the distribution. The file will get large and akward to edit. I don't
think generation, compilation and installation of several files is a
problem since there are good tools to do that.

> Actually using XML would also solve a part of the "how do we localise
> plugins that are not part of the distribution" problem and might lead
> to a leaner core distribution and an intelligent repository which is
> a really cool thing. Back when we implemented the first round of the
> now active stuff this techniques were not available for consideration
> and thus we ended with the kludgy solution. 

hmm, how would XML help here and what are the kludgy solutions you speak
about? Actually I do have some ideas in this area and I think Ingo wanted 
to outline a plug-in description draft that uses XML. But the use of XML 
alone will not solve any our problems. After all it's only a markup 
language and there's nothing really new to it that you couldn't have done
years ago.

Salut, Sven
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