Hi Leonard,

I think if you make sure to check the version of the XCF, this will be
exceptionally useful to users of ImageMagick.  Its not at all an uncommon
request on gimp-user or the gimp newsgroup.  Batch conversion is still best
handled via the commandline, and having the ability to use gimp's working
format is a big bonus.

It makes us bump the version number when we upgrade the image format, but we
try to do that anyway.

Now, I don't expect it to be easy to implement (involving significant chunks of
the core, as Sven mentioned), but if you've got that covered please do add it!

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess

--- Leonard Rosenthol <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> At 02:04 PM 12/4/2001 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> >The idea to use XCF in an AbiWord document makes me shudder.
>          The AbiWord folks actually liked the idea!  I don't know how many 
> people will actually use it - but it's nice to have and it continues to 
> improve the integration of "GNOME Office".
> >For image web galleries, I'd suggest they use GIMP in batch mode
> >to convert to another format or to create the thumbnails directly.
> >That would probably have been a way to go for ImageMagick too.
>          For whatever reason, most (all?) of the products in this space 
> have chosen to use IM (or something similiar) to do the conversions rather 
> than going to GIMP.  If I were to guess, I would suspect it's because they 
> can interact with IM directly from Java, Perl and PHP instead of having to 
> build "batch files" and then run Gimp (higher overhead).
> >I don't think XCF is intended to be a file format for image
> >distribution.
>          OK.  If that is not the intent, it's not the intent!
> >It is as much a bad choice for image distribution as
> >Photoshop files are, or Word files for exchanging text documents.
>          I would argue that for "non-simple" images, the Photoshop format 
> has a lot going for it!  Sure, if all you want is a "flat bitmap", it's WAY 
> OVERKILL - but for layered CMYK images with clipping paths, it's the way to 
> go!  In fact, I once had a client with the requirement of taking CMYK 
> images with 16million colors and either transparency or clipping into 
> PDF/PS documents.  The only image format that met the requirements was 
> Photoshop/PSD.
> >It's sole purpose is to save intermediate states of your work and
> >probably exchange it among GIMP users.
>          In that case, I definitely WONT implement saving as XCF!
> Leonard
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