On Tuesday, 4 Dec 2001, Seth Burgess wrote:

> I think if you make sure to check the version of the XCF, this will be
> exceptionally useful to users of ImageMagick.  Its not at all an uncommon
> request on gimp-user or the gimp newsgroup.  Batch conversion is still best
> handled via the commandline, and having the ability to use gimp's working
> format is a big bonus.
> It makes us bump the version number when we upgrade the image format, but we
> try to do that anyway.
> Now, I don't expect it to be easy to implement (involving
> significant chunks of the core, as Sven mentioned), but if you've
> got that covered please do add it!

Me too!

I think being able to convert XCFs with ImageMagick would be a very
useful tool.  Just make it clear to users that the rendering they see
may not be pixel-for-pixel the same as the gimp version (eg because of
slightly different rounding of values combined in layers, etc).

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