Dave Neary wrote:
> Following on from the prof/Sven thread elsewhere, someone
> suggested that someone should start a thread to allow all the
> current developers to send a mail stating the stuff which they're
> currently working on, how they're doing, etc.

I've spent a bazillion hours this year on partial rewrites
of the INDEXED->RGB quantization, mostly to improve quality
but partly to abstract the code away from its RGB8-centricity.

It's all been off-tree however until I thought it was ready;
it was actually very-nearly-ready six months ago but then I
made the mistake of CVS-updating and when I finally got enough
of the new dependancies (and sub-dependancies, and...) installed
to get it to compile, I couldn't make it stop crashing at
startup for weeks and then sorta gave up until 1.3 was more
dev-friendly which it probably is now but my circumstances
have changed enormously and I no longer have time for much
of anything.  I'll make a point of trying CVS HEAD again when
I get a few straight hours and have steeled myself to face the
probable merge-pain!

In other but similar news PUPUS also stalled a while back due to
serious lack of time.  A simple prototype is running but what
I would consider to be the actual *interesting* parts such as
the work-scheduler are stubbed with ultra-simple implementations
which do not well-reflect where I wished to take the project.  I'd
still be prepared to do a code-drop such as it is, but I can't
see it being of much practical (or even educational) use.

Schedulewise my GIMP-hacking-time is likely to be squeezed even
thinner in the coming year, though I'll make time to land the
RGB->INDEXED rewrite and hopefully perform the optimizations
it really rather needs (more agressive inlining and the conversion
of a lot of floating-point code to fixed-point, I think).

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