[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-12-04 at 2141.20 +0100):
> We need a Object-structure to be able to store and handle vector imagedata.
> I am not sure about how far we should go in this way, or where is the
> point to leave this stuff to other programs like sketch or sodipodi.

If there is a lib for all that, it would be nice. If not, I do not
think it will hurt to have better vectors in GIMP.

> The path tool (or vector tool) just asks for the control points and anchors,
> can render them on the image window and draw lines according to information
> from the GimpVector object. It could also provide information about
> restrictions in the freedom of the control points. So the vector tool
> does not have to know too much about the specifics of the vector data
> itself. It could even work on Text.

Being able to modify text as vector can be nice. I use an app that
allows you that, so when you want to deform text, you can use the
tools for curves, like in other curves you create.

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