Continuing Dave Neary's thread.

My current work on gimp is very small. I'm reading the sources, looking
for typos, small bugs or obvious optimisations. i'm also use CVS gimp on
a regular basis (my art work isn't very important, so I don't care
loosing my datas here) in order to catch bugs.

What I intend to work on in the short term is two things that anoy me:
 - if you move the pointer, even a very little while using the zoom
   tool, you end up with a 16:1 (or a 1:16) ratio while you only wanted
   to increase (decrease) the zoom factor by one. I think the amount of
   pixels the mouse should move to produce window zooming instead of a
   simple zooming should be user configurable in the
   This looks like a very easy thing to implement, so if noone disagree,
   I'll implement this asap.
 - There's a report in bugzilla about the need for a better interface
   for graphic tablet, namely to allow the edition of the pression
   curve. I wish to work on this too (when I'll get my tablet back...)

       Best regards,


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