Michael Andrew Terry ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm trying to understand how to control the GIMP through plain old C code.
> I have tried doing this with a module, but have been unsuccessful. The
> module loads successfully, but segfaults when I attempt to create an image
> and add a layer.
> What is the proper way to take control of the GIMP? Through a module or a
> plug-in? I read a prior post in 2000 saying you have to do it with a
> combination of plug-in and module, but it's not yet clear to me how to
> accomplish this. Any example source code would be welcome.

It is not really clear to me what you try to do.
Do you want to add functionality to the Gim? If so, why dont
you use a Plugin? Sample code for plugins is available
within lots of plugins that come with the default
distribution of Gimp.

Currently you cannot add arbitrary modules (dynamically loaded
code) to the gimp. There are certain places where you can
add own modules (own colorselector) but this is more experimental.

Hope this helps,
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