Hi again -

If I could access the image manipulation functions through a plug-in that
remained resident, that would work, but a plug-in is unloaded once its
method (whether query or run) is finished (if I understand correctly).

Essentially, I want to use the GIMP as an image manipulation engine and
prototype alternative user interfaces in Java. So the GIMP would basically
store and actually manipulate the image (through existing PDB methods), and
the UI in Java would simply display the image and the controls for the user
to manipulate the image. Since a plug-in has the ability to read and
manipulate pixels (manually or through PDB calls), a plug-in would work, but
only if it remained resident (so that the Java code can call a PDB function
at any time). Does this make sense?

So is there a way to accomplish this with a plug-in or something else that
is dynamically loaded by the GIMP? Or am I correct in assuming that I'll
have to attach a Java interface to the PDB by hacking the PDB code a bit?

Thanks for any assistance,

Michael Terry
Everyday Computing Lab
Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center
Georgia Tech

>Michael Terry ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> I am actually trying to control the GIMP through Java, which is my
>> in creating a module. But if what you say is true -- you cannot add
>> arbitrary modules to the GIMP at this time -- then I'll hard-wire some
>> into the app for now. But if I can interface to the GIMP in a portable,
>> modular way, I'll do that -- I just haven't discovered the "right" way to
>> that yet. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

>It depends what you want to control. The Image manipulation functions
>are available via the PDB (Procedural Data Base) and can be used in
>plugins, for example a plugin that exports the PDB to a Java interface.

>However it is not possible to control the GUI (interactive dialogs)
>via the PDB.

>        Simon

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