A good Compiling the GIMP from a Tarball HOW-TO seems like a 
really good idea. I think this outline covers the main points, 
but certainly could use some rearranging.  I hereby offer it up 
for tweaks and adjustments.

How to Compile GIMP from a Tarball:  a tentative outline 

1.  Introduction
        1.1  What's a Tarball?
        1.2  Why do I want to compile GIMP?
2.  Getting the Tarball
        2.1  Where's the briar patch?  (Where to put the gimp-x.y.tgz 
        2.2  Saving the source (source directory tree)
3.  Do I have the right libraries?
        3.1  List of required stuff here (with how to get it).
        This is starting to look recursive, no?  
4.  ./configure and what it means.
        4.1  What's this --prefix= that they keep yammering about?
        4.2  Differences between /usr and /usr/local, and why some 
stuff goes
             in one place and some stuff goes in the other.
5.  Why a new GIMP won't play well with an old GIMP and what to 
do about it.
        5.1  Library version conflicts
        5.2  Include paths
        5.3  Library paths
        5.4  ldconfig, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and other arcana
        5.5  Removing an old version of GIMP - how do I do this?
6.  Compiling on various systems:  /* Maybe this should come 
much earlier */
        6.1  Linux and its flavors
                6.1.1 Red Hat
                6.1.2 Debian
                6.1.3 Mandrake
                6.1.4 Slackware
                6.1.5  etc, etc, ad lib.
        6.2  Solaris
        6.3  HP-UX
        6.4  Other Unices
        6.5  Windows
        6.6  Mac?
7.  Problems and troubleshooting 
        We need to collect at least the most common problems here and 
provide solutions.

Comments welcome,


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