On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 12:16:44PM -0800, Jeff Trefftzs wrote:
> A good Compiling the GIMP from a Tarball HOW-TO seems like a 
> really good idea. I think this outline covers the main points, 
> but certainly could use some rearranging.  I hereby offer it up 
> for tweaks and adjustments.

This may be useful, but is meant as a followup to the posts about
documenting building from CVS.

In the gimp-print source, there is a file `doc/README.maintaining' that
describes how to use the autotools to build from CVS.  It covers how to
set up a checked-out CVS (or tarball) tree, and use configure (but that's
documented fully in README). It also goes into how all the autotools work
together, and how to set up the build scripts manually, or with autogen.sh
automatically.  Additionally, it describes briefly how to hack
configure.in and Makefile.am's. 

I lost the message about documenting building from CVS, but you might find
parts of this useful (there's little point in writing the same thing
twice).  Some parts are specific to gimp-print, but you can eaily cut them
out or modify them.  I spotted a couple of typos just now, and I also have
an updated copy for autoconf 2.52 and automake 1.5.

or the source.


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