On 4 Feb 2002, at 14:08, Lutz Müller wrote:

> I have written an EXIF library in plain C ("libexif") and some GTK+
> widgets for displaying and modifying EXIF data ("libexif-gtk"). Both
> are available on http://libexif.sourceforge.net. I use them to display
> EXIF tags in gphoto2 (command-line frontend) and gtkam (GTK+ GUI).
> However, when loading images from a digital camera directly into gimp
> and letting GIMP save the images (i.e. as JPEG files), all EXIF
> information gets lost. In addition, right now, gimp doesn't offer
> access to EXIF information when loading JPEG files.
> How do I go about adding EXIF support to gimp? Should I distribute a
> loader for JPEG files that replaces the current one? Submit a patch to
> gimp's JPEG loader and configure.in to --enable-exif if libexif(-gtk)
> is installed?

Dave Neary and Raphael Quinet started work on EXIF for the GIMP. I
suggest you contact them. Their discussion can be found here:


> In any case, how do I save "per-image" (not per-loader) EXIF data?

I believe the idea is that meta-information gets stored in GIMP's
parasites, and that the loaders/savers get adapted to do the
conversion back and forth (IANAC).

branko collin
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