On Mon, 04 Feb 2002, Lutz Müller wrote:
 > On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 15:04, Sven Neumann wrote:
 > >if it solves our problems and works for non-JPEG images too, I don't
 > >see any problem in adding such a dependency to gimp-1.3.
 > EXIF information is specific to JPEG files. Therefore, editing and
 > storing EXIF information make sense with JPEG images only. Sure, you
 > could try to save/hide/convert it in other image formats, but this is
 > not the purpose of the EXIF specification.

EXIF is specific to JPEG files, but you find almost the same
information in the TIFF/EP format.  So we should try to have a generic
solution for the GIMP, that is not limited to EXIF only.  If you look
at bug #56443 and have a look at the proposal for adding EXIF support
to the PNG file format (http://pmt.sourceforge.net/exif/index.html),
you will see a long table that describes how the individual fields can
be mapped from one file format to the other.

That's why I wrote in my previous mail that all data should be saved
in GIMP parasites, because that would allow each file plug-in to
import/export the parts that are appropriate and discard or convert
the rest.  So we should be able to have something like this:
   Load JPEG/EXIF file -> GIMP parasites -> Save TIFF/EP file


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