On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 14:29, Dave Neary wrote:
> Thereare a couple of other libraries which do pretty much the same
> thing -
> see the relevant bug numbers in bugzilla (not sure what they are right
> now).
> I haven't had a chance to look closely at this, but it looks good.

There is python stuff, a C++ library, lots of programs, but no plain C
library. Plus, everything out there is designed for _extracting_ EXIF
data, not _editing_ it. This is why I designed libexif(-gtk).

> Yup. We use a straight call to libjpeg's header parser, which doesn't
> know
> anything about exif. A couple of people (myself and Raphael Quinet)
> were
> looking at this with a view to adding support in 1.3 at least about a
> month
> and a half ago.

So I am the third person looking at it :-)

I just don't know how to handle the dependency on libexif(-gtk). You
know, libexif itself is quite small and could be included in gimp
(although I'd keep it separately), but libexif-gtk is getting bigger and
bigger as more widgets are added. Therefore my question: Is it ok to
introduce a (conditional --enable-exif) dependency on libexif(-gtk) for

> The last I had done was a very
> simple
> hack which replaces our call to the header reader with a call which
> read exif
> information.

This is now a one-line call to libexif (exif_data_new_from_data()).

> The next step would have been to specify how that
> information
> would be passed over and back between the main gimp and the jpeg
> plug-in.
> There was some discussion on this, and it was agreed by everyone
> (eventually) that parasites were the way to go.

Ok, I'll look into this.

> There was a proposal before to have an exif data editor

This is libexif-gtk - just call gtk_exif_browser_new () and you've got
the editor...

> (or even a
> parasite editor)
> as well, but I reckon the first step is getting the exif stuff read
> into some well-defined
> structure, 

Already there in libexif.

> and getting it written out to files in the same proper
> structure without
> destroying it.

Not yet done. I'll try.

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