I have written an EXIF library in plain C ("libexif") and some GTK+
widgets for displaying and modifying EXIF data ("libexif-gtk"). Both are
available on http://libexif.sourceforge.net. I use them to display EXIF
tags in gphoto2 (command-line frontend) and gtkam (GTK+ GUI).

However, when loading images from a digital camera directly into gimp
and letting GIMP save the images (i.e. as JPEG files), all EXIF
information gets lost. In addition, right now, gimp doesn't offer access
to EXIF information when loading JPEG files.

How do I go about adding EXIF support to gimp? Should I distribute a
loader for JPEG files that replaces the current one? Submit a patch to
gimp's JPEG loader and configure.in to --enable-exif if libexif(-gtk) is

In any case, how do I save "per-image" (not per-loader) EXIF data?

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