[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-02-07 at 2038.50 +0100):
> > Went to an Adobe conference yesterday and they claim photoshop 6 has
> > been tested with images up to 8000 layers.  They said it can probably
> My GIMP crashed somewhere between the 300th and 400th 16x16 layer. I 

I went up to 420 by hand (64 * 64 pix, and not big RAM usage, BTW), no
crash and dialog updated (can I say Windows problem?). And now that
some people seems to have a layer festish, maybe a script that adds
256 (or choose a number) per run could be done, so some people become

But also... how many layers are really useful? IOW, "my foo can do n^2
bars" vs "user just uses n". Of course, the fun factor is there, "this
script goes up to n^n in one click". :P

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