On 6 Apr 2002, at 13:00, Tomas Ogren wrote:
> On 06 April, 2002 - Simon Budig sent me these 0,7K bytes:
> > Branko Collin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> > > Should we change these instances to GNU/Linux?
> > 
> > We should change it - to Unix.
> > 
> > I guess that at most places "Linux" is simply wrong, because there
> > is not really anything Linux specific in the GIMP. So the whole
> > discussion is kind of pointless.
> .. and gimp runs on Windows too.. ;)

I did not enclose examples, because I felt everybody would be able 
enough to do something as simple as a grep for the word Linux...

For instance, in README.i18n: "Many persons from many countries start 
to get used to Linux." They are not getting used to Unix or Windows.

branko collin
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